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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find a list of frequently asked questions.

Why can't I submit confidential information?

We hope you understand that Vileda may already be working on similar ideas to yours, and therefore doesn't want to take possession of information which may prejudice the securing of intellectual property, either yours or ours. When you send us enough non-confidential information, we can judge whether the area is of interest to us, whether we already have something going on in that area. If then we decide to work together, it will make sense to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect both our interests.

Could I be a cooperation candidate?

We have a strong track record of working with innovators and suppliers outside our company. We would like to work together with academic institutions, large technology organizations, other industry sector businesses, technology brokers, small to medium sized companies, individual inventors and suppliers.

Can you give details about FHP's Submission Review Process?

Once you have submitted your innovation, it will automatically be routed to the appropriate internal contact(s) so that it can be reviewed accordingly. If we require any additional information, we will contact you. Vileda will make every effort to inform you of our decision within 3 months. Usually, personal meetings or phone discussions are not necessary to complete an initial review of your submission. Certainly, we will contact you in case of further questions. We receive many submissions. Therefore, we usually will not explain the specific reasons for our decisions. In the event your submission gets declined by Vileda it isn’t a reflection of its quality.

Why do I need to be older than 18?

For a successful partnership both parties need to sign a contract. This is only possible for persons above 18 (according to German law).

Why do I have to register?

We need your address details in order to contact you for further steps.

Why is the attachment size limited to 3 MB?

For a non confidential disclosure a 3 MB file should be more than adequate to deliver all necessary information.

How will you honor my idea?

In case of a partnership this will be part of a negotiation process with you. We as a company will make sure that both parties will benefit from the partnership.