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Clean Green

Clean Green
How to Clean up Your Cleaning Routines

While cleaning might be a tedious, even back-breaking task at times, the real problem begins when we consider the impact it has on the environment, such as excessive use of water and chemical detergents. Yet there are ways to clean your home without polluting the planet.

Clean but Toxic? 1. Clean but Toxic?

Modern cleaning supplies often use synthetic materials and chemical substances to ensure best results. Manufacturing these tools and materials however can cause environmental damage due to increased carbon emissions and potential pollution issues. The actual act of cleaning itself also has an environmental impact: heavy use of water, detergents and electricity. Some detergents can contain toxins that harm the environment and can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, nose or lungs. We don’t have much choice when it comes to cleaning or not cleaning. Some things just have to be done. But we do have a choice about how we want to get things done. Read on about some easy-to-follow "green cleaning" tips.

Green Cleaning 2. Green Cleaning

For the environmentally conscious consumer, and that should include every one of us, there are many ways to make your cleaning greener. Start by keeping water usage to a minimum. Bare floors should be regularly swept in between wet cleanings. Buy eco-friendly cleaning supplies and avoid products that contain toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as synthetic fragrances. Use less detergent per clean or, better still, choose non-toxic biodegradable products instead. For instance, vinegar or lemon juice mixed with water make for an effective and ecologically sound solution. Empty containers completely before you throw them in the garbage, and don’t pour chemicals down the drain. Use reusable Microfibre cloths: they not only absorb dirt better but need less or no detergent than regular cloths to get the job done. High quality, durable cleaning tools (particularly Flat Mops, Mocios and Sponge Mops) last longer and can be washed many times, reducing the frequency with which new products must be bought. In combination with Microfibre this means fewer chemicals, less waste and is a positive, pro-active contribution to the environment when cleaning.

Clean Production for a Greener World 3. Clean Production for a Greener World

Whether it's your home or the world at large, Vileda cares about the environment. Consequently, environmental protection is an absolute priority at Vileda. Our environmental measures exceed legal requirements: most of our production sites comply with the ISO 14000 environmental standards, ensuring that the negative environmental impact of our production processes is kept to a minimum. Vileda is also fully committed to health and safety at the workplace, our low accident rate being a testament to the fact. Our "We all take care" initiative in particular encourages everyone at Vileda to identify with environmentally responsible behaviour and to pro-actively contribute to the constant improvement of our working conditions and low-impact, sustainable manufacturing processes.