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Baby on Board

Baby on Board
Cleaning Routines for Young Parents

With babies and small children it can be quite a task to keep your house clean. Little 'accidents', spilled food and the first attempts at finger painting often leave their mark on walls and floors alike. Yet with the right kind of tools and organisation, cleaning problems can be easily solved.

The Uphill Battle with Hygiene 1. The Uphill Battle with Hygiene

Parents who are new to the job have to adapt to a lot of changes in their daily routines. Keeping the house clean around their little ones is just one of the many problems they have to face. Babies being sick, toddlers spilling food, children 'redecorating' their room with crayons – parents are on permanent alert when it comes to cleaning up. Yet it is important to maintain a balance: on the one hand you should allow your child to discover the world by touching and playing with things that are safe to play with; you should not over-protect the children from dirt and bacteria, they need to develop resistance. This is how children learn and develop a healthy attitude about themselves and their surroundings, this is how the body gets used to bacteria. On the other hand you have to protect your child from exposure to potentially dangerous substances and make sure they develop their own personal hygiene, like washing hands before meals, brushing teeth or learning how to use the toilet. No matter how old the child – or how "well behaved" – keeping the house clean calls for creative, flexible solutions and good organisational skills.

Organisation is King 2. Organisation is King

According to recent studies a totally germ-free environment is not good for your child's health as their immune system needs to be exposed to germs for it to develop. Yet it goes without saying that a household with kids nevertheless needs a high standard of hygiene. As parents never seem to have enough time in those early years they don’t want to spend it on lengthy cleaning routines. Here is what can be done to make things easier: tidy up before you start cleaning. Get yourself enough baskets or boxes to put away toys, laundry, magazines, etc. Old clothes, unused toys, anything you don't use anymore – get rid of it. Make a habit of only touching things once. If you pick up a letter or a piece of laundry, deal with it right away. This keeps you from running round in circles. With small children around it doesn't make sense to try to clean up the whole place at once. Break up your cleaning routine into specific tasks or rooms and keep a mental list of when to do what. Just keep in mind: the better your organisation, the more time you can spend with your family. Cleaning products from Vileda are designed in a way to get an excellent cleaning result fast and with low effort. They will help you in order to get the job done quickly, so you can move on to other things.

Get the Right Tools 3. Get the Right Tools

As well as organising your time and routines, the right tools for the job are also necessary for quick and efficient results. Some examples: the double-sided Combi Fenstertuch (Window Cloth) cleans windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces to perfection without leaving streaks. On the one side the Microfibre cloth is perfect for easily cleaning grease marks, fingerprints, dust and dirt in one sweep. The other side is a latex-coated chammy-like material that acts much like a squeegee, wiping windows squeaky-clean without leaving any stripes or smears. The new E-Sweeper is the perfect assistant for a quick clean in between. Have the kids finished eating and left a layer of crumbs on the floor? That’s just the kind of chore the E-Sweeper's loves. We all know how annoying and potentially time consuming cleaning can be - you want to get it done quickly and move on to other things. Particularly when you have kids; you want to spend time playing with them, not cleaning up after them. Which is why we make it part of our mission to design cleaning tools that get the job done quickly and effectively.