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Pets at Home

Pets at Home
How to Effectively Clean up After Your Pets

Pet owners know all too well: cleaning a home can be quite a task when there are animals in the house. While some pets are easier to handle than others, a regular cleaning routine of both home and pets is required to ensure comfortably clean living conditions.

Clean Pets for a Cleaner Environment 1. Clean Pets for a Cleaner Environment

Everyone who owns a pet knows how difficult it is to keep their home clean. There are differences, of course, when it comes to our furry or feathery companions, yet every pet means an additional source of dust, dander, feathers or hairs. And this in turn means potential hazards to the health of children and people allergic to pets, especially if the animals are not properly cared for. Keeping your four-legged friend clean and free of fleas and other parasites is a vital step to keeping your home clean and safe. Needless to say, cages for birds, hamsters, rabbits and other little pets must routinely be cleaned as they harbour germs and bacteria. Think of it this way: your home is as clean as your pet is.

Pet-Safe Cleaning Routines 2. Pet-Safe Cleaning Routines

In the case of small accidents, such as they are bound to happen with very young or old pets, the golden rule is to get there fast: remove the stain while it’s still fresh with a special odour-neutralizing detergent. By the way, undetected stains of cat urine can be easily detected using ultra-violet light. Cats and dogs are the most common household pets and both species shed hair. Using washable covers on couches, chairs and other pieces of furniture that pets like to sit on makes it far easier to keep the furniture clean. At the end of the day, homes with pets will always have a certain degree of added dirt compared to pet-free households. The aim shouldn’t necessarily be to try and keep your home clinically clean – you won’t be able to - but to find an acceptable and appropriate balance. And there is an upside: having the extra portion of hairs and bacteria caused by pets can help in keeping the body’s immune systems sturdier and in certain circumstances less susceptible to allergies.

The Cloth that Keeps It Clean 3. The Cloth that Keeps It Clean

Keeping your households clean that are home to pets is not rocket science. The Vileda range of rubber brooms are exceptionally effective at sweeping up hairs and are easy to clean as there are no fine bristles for the hairs to get caught in. The AttrActive Dust Catching system uses electro-static principles to catching hair without kicking up dust, particularly on large wooden surfaces. The new Vileda Electrical Sweeper is also a particularly convenient way to collect particles, hair and dust. The rotating brush sweeps particles and hair into the integrated dirt container and the attached, disposable cloth collects fine dust. The easily removable brush bar catches hair and is of particular use to pet owners. Vileda naturally offers a range of products for wet cleaning – a far more thorough method of cleaning the floor. The Ultra Max, Active Max and Wischmat are the tools of choice if you have large wooden floor surfaces. The range of Mocio mops is better suited to slightly smaller floor surfaces. The AttrActive system is ideal for the quick clean in between; the disposable wet refills quickly deal with unwanted footprints and the like and can be disposed of when the job is done.