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Fight the Dust

Fight the Dust
Tips for an Allergy-Free Home

Evermore people are suffering from environmental allergies. While allergies are a complex problem and cannot be countered by a simple one-fits-all solution, many symptoms can be reduced by diminishing allergy factors such as dust and pet hairs in the house.

The Proper Reaction to Allergic Reactions 1. The Proper Reaction to Allergic Reactions

Allergies caused by dust, mites or pet hairs are on the rise. An increasing number of people, especially children, develop allergic reactions to foreign but generally harmless substances. A minor allergic irritation can turn into a full-blown reaction if the person remains in contact with the allergen in question. Dust allergies for instance can cause heavy respiratory problems including asthma and generally weaken the immune system. In combination with sensitivity to mites it could also cause other allergic reactions, such as sensitivity to pet hairs. Whether allergies are inherited or acquired, whether they are caused by stress, contaminants or growing up in an environment that is essentially too clean; everyone affected can take specific, pro-active steps to relieve the symptoms. When dealing with allergies, the primary focus is on eliminating the allergen or its source, which might mean having to change your living conditions. So for example if you or someone in your family is suffering from a dust allergy you should get rid of the dust in your home. Read on for some tips on how to keep your house dust-free.

Minimise the Dust, Maximise the Well-Being 2. Minimise the Dust, Maximise the Well-Being

Dust is everywhere. Concentrations can differ locally, but there is no escape from the tiny particles that irritate people who suffer from a dust allergy. Even though you cannot completely eliminate it you can significantly reduce dust in your home. Reducing the surfaces on which dust can collect goes a long way in helping keeping your house dust-free. If possible replace carpeting with hardwood or laminated floors. These are easier to keep clean and do not trap dust like a carpet. Keep your clothes, shoes, household appliances, books and other items that tend to collect dust in cupboards or behind glass. If you have curtains regularly wash them or consider swapping them for blinds. All rooms should be cleaned at least once a week and thoroughly aired on a day basis. Using air filters helps to clean out the dust in every room. If you have pets, make sure they stay outside the allergic person’s bedroom. Naturally, household with a pet need to double up on the regular cleaning as pet dander is one of the primary causes of allergies and is very hard to control.

Attractive Solutions for Dust Control 3. Attractive Solutions for Dust Control

Nowadays, dust control is not as hard as it used to be. With the Vileda AttrActive dusters you can easily eliminate dust, even in hard to reach areas thanks to its light-weight ergonomic handle. The disposable duster contains soft and long fibres that use electrostatic principles to attract the dust and lock it in without leaving any residue. The starter kit comes with two disposable dusters and one handle; the refill holds 5 disposable dusters. The Vileda AttrActive dust cloths can be used on any surface. They remove dust effectively without leaving any streaks or lint behind. A number of Vileda products have also been approved by ECARF (the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) as being particularly suited to people suffering from allergies. Most notably the DuActiva broom in the war against dust and the latex-free Dermo Plus gloves are ideal for people with latex allergies.