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Back-Breaking Work

Back-Breaking Work
How to Clean Your Home and Give Your Body a Rest at the Same Time

Cleaning your home can be a strenuous, never-ending task. Ever more people suffer from back pains, making the task doubly difficult. This article offers advice on the best way to tackle the chores with a minimum of strain and pain.

Cleaning Can Be Such a Pain 1. Cleaning Can Be Such a Pain

The spine, particularly the lumbar or lower region, is subjected to many types of stresses and forces everyday. Many of the laborious cleaning tasks in our homes demand physical exertion. Incorrect posture increases the load your body has to handle. Bending and twisting simultaneously places an extreme strain on your back and repetitive movements, such as scrubbing or sweeping, place additional pressure on your frame in particular your wrists and shoulders. Most of us unwittingly adopt a poor posture when going about these everyday chores, greatly increasing the risk of damage to our bodies. Now for the good news: the resulting chronic aches and pains can easily be avoided by correct posture and a pro-active awareness.

Posture Is the Answer 2. Posture Is the Answer

Cleaning is a tedious task, no doubt about it. Most of us switch into auto-pilot when we clean thereby repeatedly falling into the same traps. Increase your awareness - walk around your home visualising the typical tasks you have to perform, picture how you can improve your work processes. When scrubbing lower surfaces sit on a small stool or place a knee on a padded mat and lean on the opposite hand for extra support. Similarly avoid over-extension when cleaning surfaces above shoulder height; use long-handled tools or stand on an elevated platform. Avoid bending and twisting the spine at the same time, position your body to ‘face the task’. Always try and keep your back straight, bending at the knees to pick things up. Don’t overfill your bucket making it too heavy to lift properly. Try not to lean over the sink when scrubbing dishes; stand up straight placing the pot flat in the sink, always soak pots and pans first to loosen any residue. Replace cleaning tools when worn out to ensure optimum performance. There are products out in order to reduce the physical effort while cleaning.

Vileda Lends a Helping Hand 3. Vileda Lends a Helping Hand

Vileda products are not only designed to deliver the best results possible but also to protect and lessen the strain on your body at the same time. Besides product quality and efficiency in cleaning, ergonomics is an integral part of our mission. Vileda’s new Bionic Bucket and wringer allows the Mocio to be wrung out with far less effort. The Electrical Sweeper removes particles effortlessly, no bending to collect the dust pile – just empty the dirt container periodically. The use of extendable, telescopic handles in many products, such as the Bath Magic, DuActiva broom or Flat Mop systems, allow you to adjust the handle to the optimum length. Something your back will thank you for. Furthermore, it is easy to clean walls and below furniture without having to stretch and strain. There are a number of different scourers designed for specific tasks in the kitchen: the Inox Spiral Scourer for example is the perfect solution for hardened and burnt residues in pots and pans. Vileda’s range of rubber gloves, such as Comfort & Care or SuperGrip, afford added grip thereby reducing the need to clench tools tightly and protect your skin at the same time.