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Project “Disposable Dust Cloth”

Current dust cloths are mostly made of nonwoven polyester or polypropylene. The synthetic fibers become electrostatic through friction, so that the cloth attracts fine dust and hairs. But these materials are weakly particle-attracting due to the weight of particles. Current disposable dust cloths have a low wettability of water-based liquids. Improvements can be made by adding fibers or other components which increase wettability and absorbance. But this weakens the cloth and the electrostatic properties.

Target: We are seeking for proposals for a disposable material that is mainly used for dry dusting and is able to entrap fine dust as well as larger particles. In addition the material can be treated with water-based liquids for “wet” applications.

The successful technology will provide a disposable cloth for wiping surfaces that will meet the following criteria:

  • picks up dust and larger particles,
  • leaves the surface lint-free,
  • absorbs sprayed-on water-based liquids,
  • transfers absorbed liquid streak-free to a surface,
  • be soft and have a comfortable feel,
  • have a tensile strength of at least 50 N/50 mm (DIN EN 29073),
  • be usable on both sides,
  • cost less than 0.5 €/m².
Approaches of interest include, but are not limited to structural/mechanical methods to modify surface of nonwoven, a combination of different fibers, finishing methods.

Approaches should not include adhesives, oily impregnation or superabsorbants.



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