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Project Solutions


We are intensively working on different projects trying to find perfect solutions.

If you are interested in working with us on one of the projects by bringing in creative ideas we would appreciate to get in contact with you. To get detailed characteristics of the projects and to understand if you or your company can meet one or more of our current needs, please click on the projects below.

With your input we can possibly launch a new product. This – of course – will be honored in the way we agree upon. For example you will have the opportunity of a joint development, a License, a Supply Contract or R&D Support.


Project "Dustpan without conventional straight edge"

dustpan without conventional straight edge that hinders small dust particles to be lifted from the ground onto the device after floor sweeping


Project "Binder from Natural or Recycled Resources"

binder for non-wovens which is made from natural or recycled resources


Project “Disposable Dust Cloth”

disposable material that is mainly used for dry dusting