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Scourers & Sponges


  • All-Purpose Scourers & Sponges

    The Vileda scourers make light work of dirty kitchenware. Abrasive cleaning crystals break up residues whilst the special coating leaves delicate surfaces unharmed. Recommended by Teflon.

  • Special-Purpose Scourers & Sponges

    Special needs call for special measures. Individual coatings allow you to deal with the dirt but go easy on particular types of material, such as glass-ceramic hobs. Recommended by Schott.

  • Metallic Scourers & Scouring Pads

    The recipe went wrong and the food burnt onto the bottom of the pan. No need to say goodbye to the pan, the rust-free stainless steel scourers will have your pan looking like new in no time.