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Along the life-cycle, Vileda products are continuously improved in regard to the three values (ecological, social and economic) of sustainability, and the following products demonstrate this effect.

The proprietary production process of the Vileda Microfibre cloth-material “Evolon” saves water: no chemicals are involved during production. In addition, “Evolon” is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 (strictest requirements: textiles and textile toys for babies and small children). Microfibre products like Vileda microfibre cloths or the Vileda Supermop allow the user to easily remove stubborn and fatty dirt without or nearly without using detergents.

Vileda has recently built up its own bristle production in Italy where bristles for Vileda brooms are produced out of recycled polyester (r-PET) directly from used plastic bottles. These bristles are used for Vileda’s international brooms range and deliver, besides ecological advantages, a clear additional performance benefit for the consumer: longer durability and better stability against bending compared to conventional bristle materials. Vileda as a branded manufacturer does not produce the commonly used PVC bristles. The DuActiva broom with its combination of bristles and dense foam blade carefully removes loose dirt and dust without stirring it up. Therefore it has been awarded with the ECARF-certificate (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation at the Berlin Charité Clinics), the quality seal for allergy-reducing products and services.

Vileda and Wettex Sponge Cloths are composed of cotton fibres and cellulose sponge material making them fully biodegradable.

The Finnish Standards Association has awarded the “Nordic Swan Eco-Label” to selected Vileda Professional Swep mops. The mops fulfil requirements in the area of environment, health and quality. For example, mops are tested to pass a minimum of 300 launderings, the cleaning efficiency is measured and all raw materials are checked on strict compliance regarding composition.

As a consequence of the strong environmental orientation, Vileda has launched the new eco-focussed product range.